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Tony Sanders is an author, blogger, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and co-founder of mikyrubini.com, a website devoted to showing and teaching how to create the life you want.

Tony’s focus is on helping people to develop their full potential.

After graduating from Harvard University, Tony experienced massive failures in every sphere of his life for several years in a row. He realized that unfortunately, the university was not able to give him any skills for becoming successful. As a result, he suffered a major nervous breakdown and had no idea what to do with his life anymore.

To make things even worse, at that very time he got into a terrible car accident that almost killed him. Tony was bedridden for three months. With no willingness to live, he was very close to committing suicide.

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Then one small event changed his life forever. Tony received a self-help book from his friend as a gift with the best wishes of a speedy recovery. At first, Tony put the book aside, did not have the slightest desire to read it, but after a few days, he decided to give it a try. To his own surprise, he read the book in one shot.

From that moment on, Tony’s life has never been the same. He ordered all the best self-help books that were on the market and spent all his time reading. By the time he recovered, he had formed a new, more productive and positive approach to his life. He was ready to make changes.

As soon as Tony was able to walk again, he fully concentrated on the self-help sphere, investing all his savings and time in reading more books, visiting live seminars of the best experts as well as practicing meditation daily. He did not stop his own research and study until he became one of the main experts on self-development.

This relentless and unapologetic approach helped Tony undergo his own transformation – from a negative, insecure and timid being to a self-confident, efficient and successful person.


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He continues to work on himself up to the present day. By sharing his knowledge with the world, Tony aims to show that anyone can create a better life.

“So here you are, looking for advice on self-improvement. I guess that if you are still on this page, then you might be seriously interested in taking control of your life. At the same time, you might feel frustrated and confused, since it all seems too complicated and unattainable. Believe me, I know how it feels. I’ve been there many times. But let me tell you this. By making this move – searching for some tips that will make your life better – you’ve already made a small, yet essential step towards improving your life. And it means a lot. It means that you are brave. Brave enough to realize that all change should start from within you. Now, with this in mind, you can start transforming your life and finally change it for good.”

Tony Sanders is living in Palm Springs Florida today, has an amazing wife and two children. He likes to travel and run marathons all around the world.


Official list of Tony Sanders books 👇

How to Live a Good Life: 2 Books in 1: Take Control of Your Life, Eliminate Negative Thinking, Relieve Anxiety, Improve Your Social Skills, Self-esteem and Confidence with the Habits of a Happy Brain

Change Your Habits in 30 Days: Small Daily Changes to Break Your Bad Habits, Build Good Ones, and Start Living A Wealthy, Happy, and More Successful Life

F*ck your negative thoughts: 7 steps to get out of your head and start living an awesome life


P.s. You will not find him on social networks because he believes they are a waste of time.






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