Is Fear Necessary?


I can confide this to you: when I left for the Maldives, I thought I'd never make it.

My goal was to live and work in a resort in the Maldives for six months, but I felt I wouldn't make it.

Now, anyone who knows me might think I'm kidding.

"But how? You've lived and worked on all five continents, this is your seventeenth Working destination - how can you be afraid you won't make it?"

"It's so easy for you now, your way has been cleared!"

That's what people who've been following me might think.

But it's not reality.

The reality is, I was fucking scared!

A little voice inside me kept telling me that living for months on a 200-meters long and 100-meters wide island was the wrong choice.

I left with a thousand doubts and perplexities. I have to admit that before leaving for a moment I even thought about what excuses I could use to return earlier without seeming unprofessional.

And now we’re here, more than six months have passed and today we celebrate the 200th day in a resort in the Maldives.

Was I wrong to be afraid?

Maybe so.

Or maybe not.

Maybe that fear helped me, without it I probably would have lived this experience too superficially.

Perhaps, the greater the fear, the greater the courage, the greater the satisfaction.

Paradoxically, it is fear that gives us the possibility to live each experience to the fullest.

Thank you for listening to my thoughts.


Miky Rubini


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