How to Live Longer: Easy Method to Slow Down Time


Time is the only limited resource we have.

How many times have you heard this sentence? I've heard it millions of times.

What if there were a way to slow the passage of time?


During an experiment, scientists showed a series of images.

Most of them were identical (a brown shoe), but occasionally a new image (an alarm clock) was shown.

All the images were shown for the same amount of time, but the participants to the experiment said that the image of the alarm clock was shown for longer.

According to several researchers this happens because the mind is lazy, it doesn't want to invest time in analyzing things it has already inserted in its system.

Things are different when it comes to novelties.

When the brain is presented with a surprise, it invests more time in analyzing it.

This is why participants feel like time has slowed down when the alarm clock (novelty) appears.

The brain worked harder, so it lived longer.

Several researchers have come to a conclusion: SURPRISES AND NOVELTIES SLOW THE PASSAGE OF TIME.


So if you want to add time to time, start doing new things, experiment, change your way of thinking, cook food differently, get out of bed with the other foot, travel, look at a landscape with new eyes, do crazy things and SURPRISE YOURSELF AS MUCH AS YOU CAN.


-Miky Rubini, author of the book 👇

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