How to Focus on What You Want


Most people find it very easy to say what they don’t want. In fact, when talking about changing their life for the better, people are more likely to state the things they want to get rid of. They say things like, “I don’t want this debt,” or “I don’t want to live in a small house,” and so on.

The power of focus is an amazing ability that our mind has.

But a poorly developed ability to focus is going to make life a bit difficult. That’s what happens with “don’t” statements. A lot of tasks end up seeming utterly impossible. 

If you take the time to properly develop your ability to focus, all of those distractions will go away. Your tasks will become effortless and you will jump right into what you need to do and your will complete it with ease. Within the brain, you have a very peculiar mechanism known as the “Reticular Activating System,” or RAS. 

This amazing system gives you the chance to filter the immense amount of data that is constantly flowing through your brain so that you can figure out exactly what is important. Without this system, you would end up being overwhelmed by the data you need to process on a day-to-day basis.

Your RAS is able to learn your habits of focus, and with that information, it will filter all of the data that you are facing during the moment. Basically, you are only going to find what it is that you are looking for.

What you are habitually focused on can be viewed as a pair of glasses that have colored lenses.

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When you put those glasses on, everything will be tinted in that color. In the same way whatever you spend your time focusing on is going to determine the texture and color of your life.

This is the reason why you have to make a sincere effort to cultivate a happy and positive mindset.  

The more you choose to focus on the good things, the things you want, happy feelings, and feeling good, the more all of these good things are going to show up within your environment because that’s what your RAS will sense. 

Whatever your point of focus is will determine the thoughts that are within your mind.

Inevitably, if you start to focus on thoughts about your feet, those thoughts are going to start flowing through your mind. This is true with any subject.  The focus of your mind can be viewed as a direct command given to your mind.

It tells your mind what it needs to think about next, and it is very important that you provide it with the commands that will lead you towards a better life. That’s what all of us want, after all.

If you allow yourself to focus solely on the reason why you are able to reach your dreams and goals, you are going to easily find those ways. Likewise, if you decide to focus only on the reasons you are unable to reach your goals, then you are going to find them too.

While it might seem too simplistic, it really is true that all you need to do is look for what you want.

There are a lot of us who go through our lives feeling as if we have been doomed with “bad luck.” It’s important to understand that there isn’t anything mysterious or superstitious about the way that the Universe works.

It doesn’t play any games, and it definitely doesn’t play favorites. It works by following a set law, which it shows clearly within every star in the sky and every blade of grass. 

The most successful people on this planet are those who make a point of studying how these laws work and try to live their life as best as they can according to them.

“Bad luck” only occurs when a person has been focused on it. People who fall into this trap believe that they are just who they are, and they think that they are doomed for failure and poverty.

When we are focused on this, it will bring us nothing but failure and poverty. Whenever you notice that a person fails, there’s likely a good chance that their problem was having thoughts of failure.

But, when you see people who are succeeding in their life, you can be certain that their thoughts have been focused on wellbeing and success.

Your thoughts are what create your reality, and your thoughts are figured out by your point of focus. Start today to try and focus just on those things that you want in your life, like success, ease, connectivity, love, and happiness. This will help you to change your life and reach your goals. 

There is a tricky trap that some people will fall into when it comes to trying to think of only the good and the things they want.

People start thinking that if the smallest negative thought pops into their mind, they think they are doomed and have just screwed up their success. The same goes if they feel down for some reason.

Luckily for you, we have a chapter that will discuss accepting every emotion you experience because that is just as important as focusing on what you want.

The main point of this is that you need to work on focusing on exactly what it is that you want to change and bring into your life. This places your mind's focus on the most important thing. You are wasting precious brainpower when you decide to focus on all of those don’ts.

Get rid of the don’ts and bring in the do’s so that you can see the change you want in your life.


Tony Sanders is living in Palm Springs Florida today, has an amazing wife and two children. He likes to travel and run marathons all around the world.


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