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Who Is Tony Sanders?

Tony Sanders is an author, blogger, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and co-founder of, a website devoted to showing and teaching how to create the life you want.

Tony’s focus is on helping people to develop their full potential.

After graduating from Harvard University, Tony experienced massive failures...


Who Is Miky Rubini?

Miky Rubini is an experientialist, soul minimalist full-time traveler and book author.

He has been living around the world for 14 years.

His mission is to inspire millions of people to fully enjoy this beautiful journey called life.

Miky grew up in a tiny village of an Italian forgotten region called Umbria. His biggest dream since childhood was to live and travel all around the world. However, his family didn’t have enough money to afford this...



MANIPULATION: How to Analyze and Influence People through Body Language Reading, Nlp, Dark Psychology, Subliminal Persuasion, Mind Control and Covert Hypnosis Techniques

RELATIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Improve your Social Skills, Overcome Anxiety in Relationships, Boost your Self Esteem and Confidence. How to Influence People, Tame Shyness & Insecurity, Heal Emotional Trauma

ANGER MANAGEMENT: A Practical Guide To Control Your Emotions, Declutter Your Mind, Stop Overthinking And Master Your Relationship & Social Skills. Mindfulness And Meditation Techniques Included

F*CK YOUR NEGATIVE THOUGHTS: 7 Steps to Get Out of Your Head and Start Living an Awesome Life

CHANGE YOUR HABITS IN 30 DAYS: Small daily changes to break your bad habits, build good ones and start living a wealthy, happy and more successful life

HOW TO LIVE A GOOD LIFE: Take Control of Your Life, Eliminate Negative Thinking, Relieve Anxiety, Improve Your Social Skills, Self-esteem and Confidence with the Habits of a Happy Brain

WORLD TRAVEL GUIDE: How to Visit the Best Places on Earth on $28 a Day


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